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A Universe of Adventure and Possibilities




Our world is beautiful and the adventures are amazing - yet rugged terrain, untamed landscapes, and unexpected events can overwhelm even the best prepared.  

We provide specialized medical and safety support services for private expeditions, adventure travellers, families, and groups with remote itineraries or healthcare concerns.

Your Health and Safety are More Important than Ever

The physicians in our International Travel Service are personable, engaging, and highly qualified to help manage complex healthcare requirements and assist with emergency situations if the unexpected should happen.  

From start to finish, our goal is to provide the compassion, respect, and reassurance you deserve to explore and embrace our beautiful world.

Your own personal
travel doctor

With you, where you want to go.


Dr. R. Lewis, MD

Medical Director

* Emergency Physician

* Certified Wilderness Guide 

* Search & Rescue technician

*TV/ Film Physician

Travel With a Doctor,  Explore Like Never Before

Every adventure is a unique opportunity to explore the world. Contact us to discuss your next journey and how we can work together to customize a medical support plan to make your travel experience a success.

Image by Josh Gordon



A Universe of Adventure and Possibilities

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